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Money & The Map: Two Things Working Against the Illinois GOP

Republicans need to pick up six seats in the Illinois House and six in the Senate to gain majorities. With every seat up for re-election tomorrow and voter dissatisfaction in the Democratically controlled Legislature high, that would seem feasible. But two things are working against the GOP: money and the Democrat-friendly legislative map.

Radogno Weight in on Illinois Pension Debate

Illinois Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno shows no sign of backing down in her opposition to the biggest hurdle in the pension reform debate. Shifting pension costs from the state to local school district remains a non-starter, she says.

Meet Mike Madigan!

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is perhaps the most creative conjurer of politician nicknames in Illinois. Today he anoints Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan (a favorite Kass target) the “Lord of Madiganistan.” Kass is writing about an offer from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady (inventor of the “Fire Mike Madigan” campaign) to throw free “Meet Mike Madigan” parties for Democratic candidates if they’ll invite Speaker Madigan. Free sandwiches for all, says Brady. Festive!



Redrawn Illinois Districts = Uncontested Elections

With unemployment at 9 percent and the Democrat-led state’s finances in a shambles, the Nov. 6 election would seem like an ideal chance for Illinois Republicans to pick up the six members they need to achieve majorities in both the Illinois House and Senate. But as the Associated Press notes, all 177 members of the legislature are running in new districts drawn by the majority Democrats, which means almost half of all incumbents have no opponent.

October 15th: Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day — All 177 Illinois House and Senate seats are in play on the Nov. 6 ballot, but nearly half are uncontested. Democrats are assured 45 seats, Republicans 39.

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