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Tribune on School Closings: “This Will be Painful”

Last month the Chicago Teachers Union strike became a national symbol of the clash between government and teacher unions in how to implement education reform. Expect more national attention as Chicago prepares to close more than 100 schools as it faces a budget gap of $1 billion. “Make no mistake: This will be painful. But scores of schools must be closed,” says the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Teachers Union, Laborers Local 1001 & Local 9 File Suit

Lawmakers this year enacted only one pension reform measure: a new law aimed at keeping private-sector employees out of public-sector pension plans. The purpose was preventing employees of public worker unions from joining the pensions of the workers they represent. The Chicago Teachers Union, laborers’ Local 1001 and Local 9 of the electrical workers’ union filed a lawsuit Monday in Cook County saying the new law violates the state constitution’s prohibition on reducing benefits of those enrolled in pension plans.


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Fordham Institute: Illinois has the 8th Most Powerful Teachers’ Unions

Illinois has the eighth most powerful teachers’ unions in the nation, says a report by Thomas B. Fordham Institute. “For better or worse, teacher unions look out for teacher interests,” said Chester E. Finn, Jr., Fordham’s president.

“This study … illuminates their power to hinder—or promote—education reform, on whether what occurred in Chicago could happen anywhere in the United States, and the myriad ways they seek to influence election outcomes and policy decisions.” Read the full report here.

Teachers Union

Springfield journalist Scott Reeder says the state’s second largest teachers union needs to learn a lesson from the people it represents: “Teachers unions have long prided themselves as champions of free speech and academic freedom.  But it appears they don’t always practice what they preach.”

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