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Confused About the Constitutional Amendment: Tune into WSIU this Friday at 7:30

Hey southern Illinoisans: confused about the constitutional amendment on Tuesday’s ballot? Tune into public TV station WSIU Public Television at 7:30 p.m. Friday for panel discussion on the topic.

The discussion, led by Jak Tichenor of WSIU-TV, includes State Representative Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro); Ed Caumiant, Regional Director for the AFSCME union; John Jackson, visiting professor at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute; and Amanda Vinicky, Statehouse Bureau Chief for Illinois Public Radio, who took part in the discussion from Springfield.

BGA not Thrilled about Pension Amendment on Ballot

The Better Government Association doesn’t make a recommendation for voters, but it’s not thrilled about a pension-related constitutional amendment on next week’s ballot. “In addition to doing nothing to address Illinois’ growing unfunded pension liability or put any real checks on lawmakers’ ability to increase that obligation at will, the amendment presents several technical problems,” writes Emily Miller, the BGA’s police and public affairs coordinator. “It uses new terms found nowhere in the pension code or in the regulations governing pension funds, making it impossible to understand the practical implications of the proposed language.”

Peoria Journal Star Joins Ranks of Opposition Amendment


Add the Peoria Journal Star to the growing list of voices opposed to the constitutional amendment proposal on next week’s election ballot. The paper calls it “nothing more than a charade disguised as reform, pretending to be the solution it isn’t.” Even worse: “The full text of the abysmally written and probably purposely indecipherable amendment – leave it to the lawyers – will not appear on the ballot, so this is the equivalent of signing a contract you haven’t read.”

Reboot Illinois’ Pension Amendment Guide

Been wondering about how to cut through all the noise and debate over the pension amendment? Here’s Reboot’s handy infographic on the ballot question…

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Amendment 49: Harmless Gesture or Sneaky Ploy

Ballot amendment 49: harmless gesture toward pension reform or sneaky ploy to slash retirement benefits for millions? The Chicago Tribune investigates. House Speaker Mike Madigan’s office clearly has no use for advocates of the latter theory: “”Those are legal minds that I wouldn’t hire to get me out of a traffic ticket,” says Madigan’s spokesman.

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Opposition to the Illinois Pension Amendment Forming Unlikely Partners

You don’t often see the conservative Illinois Policy Institute, the Illinois Green Party and the state’s largest employee union united for a cause. But when the cause is a constitutional amendment that may or may not have an effect on the state’s disastrous pension situation, their hands are joined in opposition. Derided last spring as an empty and meaningless gesture by the General Assembly, Constitutional Amendment 49 suddenly has become controversial.

Chicago Papers to Voters: Don’t Be Chumps

The Chicago Tribune editorial board  says anyone who votes for the pension amendment on the Nov. 6 ballot is a chump. “Don’t be a chump,” says the Trib. It adds that what we really need is a constitutional amendment that gives lawmakers some guidelines for what can and can’t be done to fix the pension disaster Illinois faces. Rival The Chicago Sun-Times agrees: “Voters should say no to the constitutional amendment and send the message that Illinois residents want real pension reform, not potentially harmful window dressing.”


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