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DCFS as a Political Football?

The State Journal-Register believes the Department of Children and Family Services is being used as a political football, and it doesn’t like it. The treatment of DCFS is “a symptom of an increasingly dysfunctional relationship between Gov. Pat Quinn and the legislature, one that could harm the children and families DCFS is charged with protecting…”

Correctional Facility Block Leads to IL DCFS Reorganization

Gov. Pat Quinn planned to use money saved by closing prisons and other correctional facilities to reverse big cuts to the Department of Children and Family Services. Now that a judge has prevented closing the facilities, Quinn says the cuts are canceled and DCFS will be reorganized. “Makes you wonder why this reorganization plan wasn’t considered in the first place rather than putting employees and DCFS clients through the wringer for the past few months,” notes Statehouse reporter Doug Finke.

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