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Without a Passed Bill This Week, Chicago Must Announce School Closings by Saturday

No matter where you live in Illinois, your legislators will hear from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel this week. Emanuel’s Chicago Public Schools desperately wants a change in state law so it will have until March to decide which of up to 120 schools it will close as it struggles to balance its budget. If lawmakers don’t pass a bill this week, the district will have to announce all closure plans by Saturday

The Educational State We’re In Isn’t a Good One

Only a third of Illinois students are proficient in reading after fourth grade. Only a third enter high school academically prepared. More than a quarter of Illinois students who enter high school won’t graduate. Those are among the facts noted in education reform group Advance Illinois’ new study, “The State We’re In,” which says education reform is moving at a glacial pace.


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Check How Your School Did on the Illinois School Report Card

How did your kids’ schools score on the most recent Illinois School Report Card? Search for results at the Illinois Interactive Report Card site.

Charter Schools on the Rise In Chicago. What happens to the Shrinking Publics?

Chicago appears poised for a big increase in charter schools as it decides what to do with around 100 schools whose shrinking enrollment makes them targets for possible closure.

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