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How Big is Illinois’s Lame Duck Class Going to Be?

With 30 of the state’s 177 legislators not seeking re-election and every House and Senate seat up for election today, the General Assembly could have a huge lame-duck class this year. It’s likely that critically important issues, like pension reform, will be decided with help from these lawmakers, who can vote without fear of voter backlash. Not an especially courageous or smart way to govern.

Money & The Map: Two Things Working Against the Illinois GOP

Republicans need to pick up six seats in the Illinois House and six in the Senate to gain majorities. With every seat up for re-election tomorrow and voter dissatisfaction in the Democratically controlled Legislature high, that would seem feasible. But two things are working against the GOP: money and the Democrat-friendly legislative map.

Derrick Smith’s Turkey of a Reelection

It’s not about graft, it’s about turkeys. If State Rep. Derrick Smith is reelected on Tuesday, remember these words from today’s story on Huffington Post:

“I just vote Democrat all the way across. Whoever’s there, I give them a chance,’ said Percy Winfields, 74, a resident of an apartment complex that caters to seniors. Besides, Winfields said, Smith showed up before Christmas last year and delivered on a promise to provide turkeys to the tenants for the holiday.”

October 15th: Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day — All 177 Illinois House and Senate seats are in play on the Nov. 6 ballot, but nearly half are uncontested. Democrats are assured 45 seats, Republicans 39.

Zorn: Do Dem’s Stand For Anything Aside from Self-Perpetuation?

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn asks a good question about why so many top Democrats aren’t working harder to prevent indicted/expelled State Rep. Derrick Smith from being reelected: “Voters were left to ask, does the Illinois Democratic Party stand for anything other than self-perpetuation?” Polls show Smith running away with his contest despite his expulsion from the House in August and his pending federal bribery trial.

State Legislator and a Prominent Congressman

Perhaps only in Illinois can this combination exist: a state legislator who has been expelled by his peers and indicted for bribery appears poised to handily win re-election. And a prominent congressman who has not been seen in public for months stands to do the same.

4000+ Invalid Voters Removed From S. Illinois Election Rolls

Efforts to purge voter rolls in three financially strapped southern Illinois counties are over for now, but state election officials say they are continuing efforts to clean up Illinois’ lists of registered voters. Alexander and Massac counties at the southern tip of the state culled more than 4,000 voters from the rolls for reasons, such as death and moving.

“Having good, clean election rolls avoids any possibility of people attempting impersonation voting,” said Ken Menzel, an attorney with the Illinois State Board of Elections. “While it’s not a huge problem from what we can tell, keeping your rolls clean limits the opportunity for mischief along that line.” Voter purges, which occur every other year in Illinois counties, also help keep down costs associated with running elections.

Will Gerrymandered Democratic Maps Claim 5 Congressional Seats

DNC speakers have engaged in unabashed celebration of the gerrymandered maps that Democrats hope will allow them to claim 5 congressional seats now held by Republicans. It’s a little jarring to hear the Dems congratulate themselves for selfishly disenfranchising so many voters. The Tribune supposes there’s no use pretending among friends.

Which explains why party leaders are working hard to keep the convention from feeling like a victory lap. Day after day, speaker after speaker, the delegates have been urged to get out and campaign for embattled Democrats — and not to stop at the state line.

Go forth, in other words, to Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa. Reach out to friends and relatives in battleground states to talk up the president; knock on doors for Democrats who live in districts they didn’t draw. Hit the road. The mess at home seems so very far away. It will have to wait.

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Republican National Convention According to Greg Hinz…

According to Crain’s Greg Hinz, at Republican conventions, Illinois media are in the hotel with Illinois delegates and are invited to just about everything that the delegation is invited to. That means they can do their jobs, which he’d respectfully suggest is important to you all in this corrupt ol’ state.

But at the Democratic convention, thanks to Speaker Madigan, there has been no room for the media at the inn that the Illinois delegates stay at — ever, no matter how big or small the city is. In Charlotte, that means reporters spend as long as an hour-and-a-half to commute in to cover the 7 a.m. Illinois delegation breakfast.

The IL Republicans’ list of sponsors was on a big board by the registration table. But the IL Democrats are hiding it — at least until a time when public interest is lower. Shame on them.

Quote of the Day

“What we’re learning in recent years is on these major issues, you do them when you’re able to do them. We repealed the death penalty in Illinois. We raised the income tax in Illinois. Those were all done after a general election.” – House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) on the possibility of passing public pension reform after the general election.

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