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Lame Duck Sessions Might Actually Be Good for Illinois

Want proof that politicians really do listen to you? Look no further than the Illinois General Assembly’s veto session, writes Reboot Illinois Chief Operating Officer Madeleine Doubek. Scared to death of casting a controversial vote, legislators often need the safety of lame duck status to make decisions that might draw their soon-to-be-former constituents’ ire. Even those who have been re-elected prefer lame duck sessions because they know they won’t have to face voters until nearly two years later.

Reboot Illinois is Fully Operational

Reboot Illinois is Fully Operational

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The Severity of State Budgets

“Oxes will be gored and it may just be that your ox is at the wrong corner of the field at the wrong time.” Richard Dye, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois Chicago, on the severity of state budget cuts to come.

Illinois’ Tax Revenues

In FY 2010, total state taxes in the U.S. were 93 percent of the amount in FY 2007, but Illinois’ tax revenues had fallen to 85 percent of the FY 2007 amount. (State Budget Crisis Task Force Illinois Report)

Illinois’ Infrastructure Needs

“Over the next several decades, Illinois’ infrastructure needs will likely exceed $300 billion, yet the state does not have a comprehensive plan to address this critical need. There are real costs associated with underfunding of infrastructure: shipping and travel delays, congestion, pollution, and diminished economic growth.” State Budget Crisis Task Force Illinois Report.

Prison and Youth Corrections Facilities Closing in Southern Illinois.

The Southern Illinoisan of Carbondale is upset with the closings of a prison and youth corrections facility in southern Illinois. A court decision suspending the youth facility closure led to the absurd situation of workers having to staff an empty building this week. “What’s really needed and still possible is a decision by Quinn to suspend the closing plans through the state’s current fiscal year,” the paper says. Again, we reiterate, making cuts to the state budget will not be easy.

Is there a pension problem?

Some call it fake reform, some say it’s meaningless, some say it’s reckless. The editorial board at the Rockford Register Star says what the heck, vote for the constitutional amendment on pension enhancements Nov. 6. “ On Nov. 6, vote yes to take a small step toward recognizing that there is a pension problem,” the paper says.

Illinois Lawmakers Stipends

For Illinois lawmakers, leadership stipends can add as much as 40 percent to a legislator’s base salary of $64,717 for what is considered a part-time job. Nearly three-quarters of the General Assembly received leadership stipends ranging from $1,600 to $26,000 for holding a committee or party leadership position. Illinois Comptroller’s Office, cited by the Daily Herald.

Illinois’ Bills

“The state has perennially pushed its bills off to the future…Illinois has been doing backflips on a high wire, without a net.” State Budget Crisis Task Force Illinois Report

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