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Quinn’s “Rendezvous with Reality” Has Arrived.

In his budget speech in February, Gov. Pat Quinn warned, “Our rendezvous with reality has arrived.” But we’re still waiting on the rendezvous with the reality of a public pension system that’s taking money from education and other vital needs. That is expected to arrive in January, probably with the help of nearly three dozen lawmakers who will be leaving office the day after casting their votes.

Squeezy-Mania Hits Illinois

In a mere 24 hours, Illinois has caught a severe case of Squeezy-mania, thanks to the Illinois’ pension predicament’s new mascot, Squeezy the Pension Python. Through no fault of his (her?) own, Squeezy attracted mostly derisive commentary when he/she debuted Sunday. Really, though, the video in which Squeezy appears offers a pretty good explanation the problem. Plus, it opens the exciting possibility of a pension reform bill written in Parseltongue.

Squeezy The Python Reboot Illinois Pension Issue



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His Name is Squeezy and He’s Here to Take Away Your Kids’ Education

His name is Squeezy and he has come to take away your education, kids. That’s the message in Gov. Pat Quinn’s new campaign to educate the public, even children, on the dangers of the current pension system. Squeezy the Python is also squeezing money away from road building, public safety and other essential government functions as the state shovels more and more money into its ever-growing pension system.

Squeezy the Snake Reboot Illinois Pension reform



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Will Super-Majority Gen Assembly Override Quinn’s Veto?

It’s taking a while for Statehouse observers to fully appreciate (or fear) the concept of an all-powerful, Democrat-controlled Legislature. With two-thirds majorities in the Illinois House and Senate, that’s what we have in Springfield. Democrats, led by Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan, can impose their will on Republicans (who hold one-third or fewer seats in each chamber) and if Gov. Pat Quinn tries to stop them with his veto pen, they can override him. The question is: Will they? (via Chicagoist)

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Trib to Dems: “Don’t You Dare”

The Chicago Tribune editorial board has heard “scuttlebutt” that Democrats in the Illinois Legislature may try to make the temporary income tax increase permanent during the lame duck session in January. Most of the increase is scheduled to expire in 2015 — just after the next governor is elected. The Trib’s message: “Don’t you dare.”
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Quinn to Allow Media to Look Into Illinois Prisons

The 2013 budget for the Illinois Department of Corrections is $1.9 billion. Gov. Pat Quinn wants to trim $82 million by closing some prisons and other facilities. Taxpayers have a big stake in IDOC, but media outlets who tried to get a look at conditions inside the prisons were shut out by the Quinn administration. This was not an example of open government at its finest. Faced with the threat of a federal lawsuit, the administration relented.

Tribune has some advice for Pat Quinn

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has some advice for Gov. Pat Quinn: Be a little more careful in the political battles you choose.

Correctional Facility Block Leads to IL DCFS Reorganization

Gov. Pat Quinn planned to use money saved by closing prisons and other correctional facilities to reverse big cuts to the Department of Children and Family Services. Now that a judge has prevented closing the facilities, Quinn says the cuts are canceled and DCFS will be reorganized. “Makes you wonder why this reorganization plan wasn’t considered in the first place rather than putting employees and DCFS clients through the wringer for the past few months,” notes Statehouse reporter Doug Finke.

Tamms Supermax Prison Closing Doesn’t Go Over Well

Everyone admits Illinois needs to make serious cuts to fix its budget and pay $8 billion in back bills. Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed prison closures, including shutting down the state’s often controversial “supermax” Tamms Correctional Center, to save tens of millions of dollars. The heated debate over closing prisons shows just how hard it is to make budget cuts.

Pat Quinn Brazillian AFSCME’s Greet Him

Pat Quinn Brazillian AFSCME's Greet Him

In late September, Gov. Quinn took a six-day junket to meet with CEOs and politicians in Brazil. Public employees and labor leaders there were waiting with their own “Pat Quinn Truth Squad”! The signs in Portuguese read, “Governor Quinn, Bad for Workers”. In this photo: Graca Costa (left), president of the National Confederation of Municipal Workers (CONFETAM), and Vagner Freitas (right), president of the Unified Workers Central (CUT). — in São Paulo, Brazil.

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