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Sears Threatens to Move After Getting Massive Tax Break

Sears famously got a mammoth tax break last year after threatening to move its headquarters out of Illinois. But it also got $5 million in annual property tax reductions that didn’t make headlines. The Daily Herald of Arlington Heights explains how Sears did it.

Illinois DCFS Getting Cuts Because of State Pension Issues

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services protects the state’s most vulnerable children. Proper functioning of this department can mean, literally, the difference between life and death to a child suffering from abuse or neglect. The state’s budget trouble, caused largely by state pension payments cutting into funding in other areas, is a constant threat to this important agency.

Public Employees in Chicago on Disability Leave

There are probably a lot of frayed nerves today among certain public employees in Chicago who are on disability leave. For weeks, the Sun-Times has been exposing what appear to be flagrant abuses of the workers compensation system by police and firefighters who claim inability to work due to on-the-job injuries, then embark on second careers and amazing adventures. Apparently the feds read those stories.

Tamms Supermax Prison Closing Doesn’t Go Over Well

Everyone admits Illinois needs to make serious cuts to fix its budget and pay $8 billion in back bills. Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed prison closures, including shutting down the state’s often controversial “supermax” Tamms Correctional Center, to save tens of millions of dollars. The heated debate over closing prisons shows just how hard it is to make budget cuts.

Did you know….?

Illinois’ unemployment rate for August 2012 was 9.1 percent, a 1.1 point decrease from a year earlier. Illinois’ unemployment rate in August 2007 was 5.3 percent.

Unemployment Rate in Illinois is at 9.1%

You know things aren’t great when an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent is cause for celebration. Yet that’s the situation for Illinois, which saw August unemployment fall 1.1 points from the same time last year. That’s the 11th best in the nation, reports the Chicago Business Journal.


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Pat Quinn vs AFSCME: Breakdown

What are the issues in the ongoing dispute between Gov. Pat Quinn and the union that represents 39,000 of his employees? The State Journal-Register has a breakdown.

Illinois’ Minimum Wage

“I believe in this.  The minimum wage is set up to fight poverty. There are families in Illinois who are working 40 hours a week and still living in poverty.  That to me defies the Biblical principle that if you work hard, you should not live in poverty.” – Gov. Pat Quinn on raising Illinois’ minimum wage rate from $8.25 to $10 an hour, which would be the highest in the nation.

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Jobs and Businesses

New U.S. census data shows that 150,000 more Illinoisans were living in poverty in 2011 than in 2010. The Chicago Tribune reports: “ ‘The low-paying sectors are growing,’ while higher-paying industries continue to shed jobs, said Sheldon Danzinger, a University of Michigan economist who has written extensively about poverty trends. ‘Service, retail, food. They don’t pay very high wages. That’s a reason why a lot of working people are getting food stamps.’

Illinois Business Goes to Iowa

Reboot Our Government – If anyone in Chicago or Springfield still denies that this state’s sorry record of corruption and taxpayer debt is costing Illinois excellent jobs, take it from billionaire Nassef Sawiris. As head of the global firm Orascom Construction Industries, he set out to build a giant new plant to make fertilizer from natural gas in America’s heartland. He ultimately chose Iowa for the project instead of Illinois. Why? Because the promised benefits “are not sustainable in our view given the balance sheet of the state of Illinois.”

The Tribune concludes that Illinois suffers because of its chronically failed political leadership. That’s a self-inflicted wound that Illinoisans — as citizens, as taxpayers, as voters — can heal. Until it makes the obvious, essential changes, Illinois never will regain its dominance in the increasingly grueling race for jobs and prosperity.

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