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Fact of the Day — Prison and other facility closures are projected to save $82 million in fiscal 2013. That’s only 1.3 percent of the state’s $6.5 billion current backlog of unpaid bills. (State Budget Crisis Task Force Illinois Report, Illinois Comptroller’s Office)

“Cut the Budget, but don’t Cut THAT!”

As candidates how they’ll fix the state budget and you’ll hear this: Cut, cut, cut. Ask voters how the state should fix its budget: Cut, cut, cut. So what happens when something gets cut? “Whoa! Don’t cut that!”

Correctional Facility Block Leads to IL DCFS Reorganization

Gov. Pat Quinn planned to use money saved by closing prisons and other correctional facilities to reverse big cuts to the Department of Children and Family Services. Now that a judge has prevented closing the facilities, Quinn says the cuts are canceled and DCFS will be reorganized. “Makes you wonder why this reorganization plan wasn’t considered in the first place rather than putting employees and DCFS clients through the wringer for the past few months,” notes Statehouse reporter Doug Finke.

Quinn Prison Proposal Blocked by Judge

Everybody wants cuts in Illinois government. When those cuts are made, it’s another matter. Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal to save $7 million a month by closing two prisons and five other correctional facilities has been blocked by a southern Illinois judge who said the closures will make things more dangerous for employees of other state prisons.

Tamms Supermax Prison Closing Doesn’t Go Over Well

Everyone admits Illinois needs to make serious cuts to fix its budget and pay $8 billion in back bills. Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed prison closures, including shutting down the state’s often controversial “supermax” Tamms Correctional Center, to save tens of millions of dollars. The heated debate over closing prisons shows just how hard it is to make budget cuts.

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