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Chicago Teachers Union, Laborers Local 1001 & Local 9 File Suit

Lawmakers this year enacted only one pension reform measure: a new law aimed at keeping private-sector employees out of public-sector pension plans. The purpose was preventing employees of public worker unions from joining the pensions of the workers they represent. The Chicago Teachers Union, laborers’ Local 1001 and Local 9 of the electrical workers’ union filed a lawsuit Monday in Cook County saying the new law violates the state constitution’s prohibition on reducing benefits of those enrolled in pension plans.


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Wall Street Journal Dissects Illinois’ “Double Helix” Situation

The Wall Street Journal editorial page sure knows how to turn a phrase. On the cause of Illinois’ wretched financial situation, the WSJ blames “the double helix of government unions and Democratic politicians.” It may not be quite that simple, but who can’t appreciate a phrase that catchy?


Illinois Blames Politicians, not Unions on the Pension Crisis

Illinoisans aren’t stupid when it comes to the cause of the pension crisis: They blame the politicians, not the unions.  And they’re right. It was lawmakers who skipped nearly $30 billion in payments to pension systems over the years and failed to take any action as the state’s liability exceeded $83 billion. Your thoughts?

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