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Confused About the Constitutional Amendment: Tune into WSIU this Friday at 7:30

Hey southern Illinoisans: confused about the constitutional amendment on Tuesday’s ballot? Tune into public TV station WSIU Public Television at 7:30 p.m. Friday for panel discussion on the topic.

The discussion, led by Jak Tichenor of WSIU-TV, includes State Representative Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro); Ed Caumiant, Regional Director for the AFSCME union; John Jackson, visiting professor at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute; and Amanda Vinicky, Statehouse Bureau Chief for Illinois Public Radio, who took part in the discussion from Springfield.


Quinn Prison Proposal Blocked by Judge

Everybody wants cuts in Illinois government. When those cuts are made, it’s another matter. Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal to save $7 million a month by closing two prisons and five other correctional facilities has been blocked by a southern Illinois judge who said the closures will make things more dangerous for employees of other state prisons.

4000+ Invalid Voters Removed From S. Illinois Election Rolls

Efforts to purge voter rolls in three financially strapped southern Illinois counties are over for now, but state election officials say they are continuing efforts to clean up Illinois’ lists of registered voters. Alexander and Massac counties at the southern tip of the state culled more than 4,000 voters from the rolls for reasons, such as death and moving.

“Having good, clean election rolls avoids any possibility of people attempting impersonation voting,” said Ken Menzel, an attorney with the Illinois State Board of Elections. “While it’s not a huge problem from what we can tell, keeping your rolls clean limits the opportunity for mischief along that line.” Voter purges, which occur every other year in Illinois counties, also help keep down costs associated with running elections.

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