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Quinn to Allow Media to Look Into Illinois Prisons

The 2013 budget for the Illinois Department of Corrections is $1.9 billion. Gov. Pat Quinn wants to trim $82 million by closing some prisons and other facilities. Taxpayers have a big stake in IDOC, but media outlets who tried to get a look at conditions inside the prisons were shut out by the Quinn administration. This was not an example of open government at its finest. Faced with the threat of a federal lawsuit, the administration relented.


Quinn Prison Proposal Blocked by Judge

Everybody wants cuts in Illinois government. When those cuts are made, it’s another matter. Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal to save $7 million a month by closing two prisons and five other correctional facilities has been blocked by a southern Illinois judge who said the closures will make things more dangerous for employees of other state prisons.

Tamms Supermax Prison Closing Doesn’t Go Over Well

Everyone admits Illinois needs to make serious cuts to fix its budget and pay $8 billion in back bills. Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed prison closures, including shutting down the state’s often controversial “supermax” Tamms Correctional Center, to save tens of millions of dollars. The heated debate over closing prisons shows just how hard it is to make budget cuts.http://www.kfvs12.com/story/19728158/illinois-governor-says-state-can-safely-handle-inmates-when-tamms-prison-closes

Thomson Correctional Center

How does a state spend $140 million on a prison it will never afford to open? In 1999, Illinois began construction of the $140 million Thomson Correctional Center, completed in November 2001. It never opened because the state didn’t have the money. Now the federal government is buying it for $165 million. That’s great for Illinois, but  why was this built in the first place? Today, Gov. Pat Quinn is trying to close state prisons.

Illinois Prison System: Overcrowded and Costly

Reboot State Finances — Illinois state government is desperate to make budget cuts, but apparently not desperate enough to figure out how to avoid “spending more than $1 billion to keep 48,000 people in a prison system designed to house 34,000,” says The State Journal-Register of Springfield. The paper suggests that Gov. Quinn set up a commission on prison savings as was done to make Medicaid cuts earlier this year.

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