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Illinois Close to Losing “Gambling Boarder War”

Gambling expansion supporters want lawmakers to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of a bill that would bring new casinos to five Illinois cities, including Chicago and Rockford. Proponents say it will bring 20,000 jobs to Illinois. The Rockford Register Star wants the veto: “If legislation doesn’t pass soon, Illinois will lose the gambling border war as plans for a megacomplex in Beloit, Wis., move forward.”


Quinn’s “Rendezvous with Reality” Has Arrived.

In his budget speech in February, Gov. Pat Quinn warned, “Our rendezvous with reality has arrived.” But we’re still waiting on the rendezvous with the reality of a public pension system that’s taking money from education and other vital needs. That is expected to arrive in January, probably with the help of nearly three dozen lawmakers who will be leaving office the day after casting their votes.

Chicago Civic Committee: Illinois Pension Can’t Be Fixed

Yesterday we posted that Gov. Pat Quinn’s office now says the state’s pension liability is $95 billion. One group that has been advocating long and hard for pension reform now says the system can’t be fixed. Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago has a four-point plan: eliminate all cost of living increases, impose a salary cap at which pensions are calculated, raise the retirement age to 67 and shift all pension costs to local bodies (translation: school districts) over 12 years.

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Will Super-Majority Gen Assembly Override Quinn’s Veto?

It’s taking a while for Statehouse observers to fully appreciate (or fear) the concept of an all-powerful, Democrat-controlled Legislature. With two-thirds majorities in the Illinois House and Senate, that’s what we have in Springfield. Democrats, led by Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan, can impose their will on Republicans (who hold one-third or fewer seats in each chamber) and if Gov. Pat Quinn tries to stop them with his veto pen, they can override him. The question is: Will they? (via Chicagoist)

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Congrats, Dems… Now What Are You Going to Do About This Mess

Illinois Democrats in the General Assembly won big Tuesday, and now have the votes to override any veto by Gov. Pat Quinn. The Chicago Tribune congratulates the Dems. Their prize, says the Tribune, is ownership of a financial disaster largely of their own making which they must now fix – probably without much help from across the aisle.
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Quinn to Allow Media to Look Into Illinois Prisons

The 2013 budget for the Illinois Department of Corrections is $1.9 billion. Gov. Pat Quinn wants to trim $82 million by closing some prisons and other facilities. Taxpayers have a big stake in IDOC, but media outlets who tried to get a look at conditions inside the prisons were shut out by the Quinn administration. This was not an example of open government at its finest. Faced with the threat of a federal lawsuit, the administration relented.

Prison and Youth Corrections Facilities Closing in Southern Illinois.

The Southern Illinoisan of Carbondale is upset with the closings of a prison and youth corrections facility in southern Illinois. A court decision suspending the youth facility closure led to the absurd situation of workers having to staff an empty building this week. “What’s really needed and still possible is a decision by Quinn to suspend the closing plans through the state’s current fiscal year,” the paper says. Again, we reiterate, making cuts to the state budget will not be easy.

Gov. Pat Quinn on Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

“It’s always helpful if you are in elected office, no matter what office, to provide as much information to your constituents and to the people as possible. I think that is the way government should be.” Gov. Pat Quinn, discussing the situation of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

DCFS as a Political Football?

The State Journal-Register believes the Department of Children and Family Services is being used as a political football, and it doesn’t like it. The treatment of DCFS is “a symptom of an increasingly dysfunctional relationship between Gov. Pat Quinn and the legislature, one that could harm the children and families DCFS is charged with protecting…”

Tribune has some advice for Pat Quinn

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has some advice for Gov. Pat Quinn: Be a little more careful in the political battles you choose.

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