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On the Dockett for the Lame Duck Sessions? Casinos, for one.

Illinois lawmakers over the coming 10 days could cast votes to bring a long-awaited (and much coveted) casino to Chicago, among many other issues, as they begin their lame duck session. For 35 members of the General Assembly whose terms will end Jan. 9, this is a chance to cast controversial votes – like reforming the state’s public pension system – without worry of facing the wrath of voters. Not an especially courageous or efficient way to operate.

Lame Duck Sessions Might Actually Be Good for Illinois

Want proof that politicians really do listen to you? Look no further than the Illinois General Assembly’s veto session, writes Reboot Illinois Chief Operating Officer Madeleine Doubek. Scared to death of casting a controversial vote, legislators often need the safety of lame duck status to make decisions that might draw their soon-to-be-former constituents’ ire. Even those who have been re-elected prefer lame duck sessions because they know they won’t have to face voters until nearly two years later.

How Big is Illinois’s Lame Duck Class Going to Be?

With 30 of the state’s 177 legislators not seeking re-election and every House and Senate seat up for election today, the General Assembly could have a huge lame-duck class this year. It’s likely that critically important issues, like pension reform, will be decided with help from these lawmakers, who can vote without fear of voter backlash. Not an especially courageous or smart way to govern.

January’s Critical Reforms Reliant on Lame Duck Lawmakers

Reforming public pensions will be the most important vote any legislator will cast this legislative session – if there is a vote. But just as when lawmakers raised state income taxes in January 2011, if this critical reform is to happen, it may come down to a votes from a handful of lame duck lawmakers. In 2011, some pro-tax voters were rewarded with state jobs. http://bit.ly/Tvd8N8

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