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SJR: With Supermajorities Comes Super Responsibilities

With supermajorities in the state House and Senate, Illinois Democrats now have super responsibilities, says Springfield’s State Journal-Register. They may have won the exclusive right to make some of the toughest decisions in state history — like reforming the pension system and figuring out how to pay $8 billion in unpaid bills on a $33 billion budget. And Dems alone may live with the consequences. “(I)f the GOP decides to sit out, the Democrats have earned the right and responsibility to make those decisions on their own, and whatever happens now will be on them.”


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Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass Has Plenty To Say About William Cellini

Chicago Tribune columnists John Kass has long been one of the harshest and most vocal critics of longtime Illinois power broker William Cellini. Kass believes Cellini was one of the powerful players who ran a political “combine” in Illinois in which Republicans like Cellini and their Democratic counterparts split up the spoils of jobs and lucrative state contracts.


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“This is a strike of choice.” – Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-Chicago) on the Chicago Teachers Union strike.

Mayor Emanuel quickly blasted the strike announcement as “a strike of choice.” He repeatedly declared: “My team is available now.”

A disappointed Emanuel said the latest deal offered to the teachers was “very respectful of our teachers and is right by our children. The issues that remain are minor,” Emanuel said. “This is totally unnecessary. It’s avoidable and our kids don’t deserve this.”

The mayor said the two remaining stumbling blocks involve re-hiring laid off teachers from schools that get shut down and a new teacher evaluation process that the union says puts far too much weight on student test scores. The school board’s last offer included a 3% raise the first year and 2% raises the next three years — a slight increase from an earlier offer of 2% raises in each of the next four years.

Madigan on His Long Term Goal: “Be a Strong Speaker”

“My long-term goal and desire was to be a strong Speaker. Also serving as the chairman of the party means that I’m a strong Speaker or a stronger Speaker… There’s a whole list of issues where I can sit and say these are all accomplishments. Well, it’s easier to do those accomplishments if you have significant power in the Legislature.” – House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) on his dual leadership roles as Speaker and Illinois Democratic Party Chairman for the last 30 years.

Will Gerrymandered Democratic Maps Claim 5 Congressional Seats

DNC speakers have engaged in unabashed celebration of the gerrymandered maps that Democrats hope will allow them to claim 5 congressional seats now held by Republicans. It’s a little jarring to hear the Dems congratulate themselves for selfishly disenfranchising so many voters. The Tribune supposes there’s no use pretending among friends.

Which explains why party leaders are working hard to keep the convention from feeling like a victory lap. Day after day, speaker after speaker, the delegates have been urged to get out and campaign for embattled Democrats — and not to stop at the state line.

Go forth, in other words, to Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa. Reach out to friends and relatives in battleground states to talk up the president; knock on doors for Democrats who live in districts they didn’t draw. Hit the road. The mess at home seems so very far away. It will have to wait.

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Republican National Convention According to Greg Hinz…

According to Crain’s Greg Hinz, at Republican conventions, Illinois media are in the hotel with Illinois delegates and are invited to just about everything that the delegation is invited to. That means they can do their jobs, which he’d respectfully suggest is important to you all in this corrupt ol’ state.

But at the Democratic convention, thanks to Speaker Madigan, there has been no room for the media at the inn that the Illinois delegates stay at — ever, no matter how big or small the city is. In Charlotte, that means reporters spend as long as an hour-and-a-half to commute in to cover the 7 a.m. Illinois delegation breakfast.

The IL Republicans’ list of sponsors was on a big board by the registration table. But the IL Democrats are hiding it — at least until a time when public interest is lower. Shame on them.

Democrats and Republicans and JOBS.

Whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, jobs has remained a key issue for many voters over the past two elections. With an Illinois unemployment rate hovering above 9% throughout much of that time, it is perhaps unusual to hear that employers have been in need of more workers.

According to a June analysis by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 3.8 million job openings by the end of that month.

Experts and politicians alike believe one of the key reasons so many are still out of work is because many companies are unable to find workers with the necessary skills needed to fill in-demand positions. In response, both federal and local governments have called for initiatives to specifically focus on training or re-training job seekers with the skills most sought by employers.

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