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Is Illinois Too Corrupt?

Is there something in the water that makes Illinois more corrupt than other states? It’s not just a rhetorical question. It was the topic of a two-day discussion in Chicago last week, hosted by SIU’s Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, that brought together national experts on government and Illinois reformers. One attendee describes it as “Halloween come early, but with all tricks and no treats.”


Labor Issues

 “The district will be hard-pressed to make the budget adjustments necessary to close an estimated $1 billion budget gap for fiscal 2014. In particular, the duration of the recent CTU strike demonstrates that labor issues may continue to be a ratings factor.” Moody’s Investor Service, which last week downgraded Chicago Public Schools’ credit rating for the second time since July.

Rutherford’s Figured out the Illinois Budget Out

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford has a simple strategy to fix Illinois’ budget: Stop borrowing to pay the state’s operating expenses and reform the public pension system. Well, it sounds simple anyway.

Pat Quinn vs. Illinois Lawmaker

Gov. Pat Quinn wants to close prisons to cut the state’s budget. A southern Illinois lawmaker says that’s dangerous because prisons already are overcrowded. http://bit.ly/UhlpU1

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