Why People are Leaving Chicago: “The Price Isn’t Right”

Reboot Our Government – Author Amy Shlaes has a theory why people are leaving Chicago: “The reason Chicago doesn’t grow faster is because the price isn’t right. The price isn’t even evident. In short, Chicago has become too much of a deal city and too little of a price city.” From TIFs to tax break incentives for corporations, Chicago and Illinois cut deals for which taxpayers ultimately foot the bill. Shlaes’ solution: “Tax everyone at the lowest rates, and at the same rates. Write no special contracts, whether in the name of cronyism or capitalism. Price a city right again, and everyone will come home.”

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  • Kathy  On January 9, 2013 at 12:09 am

    Chicago is violent, dirty, very expensive, and run by mafia criminals who keep ripping the people off more and more each year. And Chicago isn’t even a pretty city… other than a narrow area along the lake and on the mag mile, Chicago is a dull, dingy, dark, UGLY cith with a horrible climate. Who the hell cares about “taking it back”. I don’t blame anyone for leaving, and I would leave too if I didn’t live way out in the suburbs, away from the city.

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