CTU files its 10-day strike notice.

Reboot Our Schools – The Chicago Teachers Union filed its 10-day strike notice.

CPS has budgeted up to $25 million for a contingency plan. According to district documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, CPS plans to open 145 schools from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for student activities. The district also plans to partner with other city agencies, faith organizations, nonprofits and other groups to provide places for students to go.

Under the plan:

•Schools opened during a strike will be selected based on location, with preference given to schools with “strong leadership,” air conditioning, gymnasiums, cafeterias, computer labs and easy access to public transportation. Children will be invited to participate in activities such as independent reading, writing, the arts, athletics and computer work.

•Students would be provided with breakfast and lunch at all facilities.

•As many as 80 summer camps run by the Chicago Park District could be extended and 79 Chicago Public Library branches could be available to provide online learning opportunities.

Reboot Our Government – Standard & Poor’s downgrade of Illinois’ credit rating to the sixth-highest rung of its ratings ladder — Congrats, Illinois, you’re a sixth-rate state! — aggravates a debacle that’s already costing taxpayers some $550 million a year.

The Tribune’s translation: Wake up, Illinois taxpayers. Your politicians are do-littles who hugely raised income taxes and still didn’t fix their doomed pension system or their budget, bedeviled as it is by billions in unpaid bills. As your credit rating keeps going down, the amount of surplus interest you foolishly pay to buyers of your bonds probably keeps going up.

When you cast your ballots in 68 days, will you enforce consequences on the incumbents who won’t take steps to reduce your vast indebtedness? The legislators who have turned Illinois into a sixth-rate state? Or will you let them get away with that?

Reboot Our Pensions – Quinn used the downgrade to again call for lawmakers to take up pension changes, saying he will convene a meeting with legislative leaders on the topic next month after he returns from the Democratic National Convention.

“We have to address the public pension reform issue,” Quinn said. “It will not go away. It’s imperative that we address it… It’s regrettable that our legislature did not act promptly when they had the chance, but we just have to keep pushing them.”

While Illinois’ top Republicans echoed Quinn’s call for action, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said the downgrade shows that “there could not be a more stark contrast between Wisconsin and Illinois. Political leaders in Illinois kicked the can down the road. Now, they’re realizing the consequence of their actions.”

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