Reboot our Schools

 To keep you up to speed, here are the remaining key points of contention in the contract negotiations between the Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Teachers Union:


  • Length of contract: The board wants to lock in four years, while the CTU wants two
  • Salary increase: The CPS last offered an 8% increase, while CTU asked for 25%
  • Managerial rights: CTU wants new powers over school schedules, class sizes and staffing
  • Job security: CTU wants laid off teachers with tenure to be given first consideration when schools are hiring for new positions
  • Teacher evaluation: CTU wants to scale back teacher’s evaluations determined by student test scores and surveys
  • Health premiums: CPS wants the union to participate in a wellness program that would offer employees a $600 a year discount for participating. Many other unions in the city are taking part, but CTU has not agreed
  • Sick day payouts: CPS wants to let employees that have currently retained up to 325 sick days to keep them, but to eliminate the practice going forward
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